Why You-Turn?

Based on various proven scientific practices, the Program will guide its users along the whole rehabilitation journey and beyond. Through the various training modules, live coaches, and other past and present students, users of the Product will have all the tools needed for a successful recovery journey. 

Past participants have expressed in many ways that the Product is cost-effective when compared to other programs. For the cost of a cup of coffee a day, the Program can supply an individual with all the benefits needed to shift away from a life of addiction to full recovery. 

I’d tried several times before, but the Program successfully guided me in making it work. After many years of struggling with addiction, I finally feel part of the family again.

– Anonymous Testimonial

It felt like I tried a thousand options; the Program was the only one who truly got to me. The support coaches could really understand what I was going through, and the program had the perfect tools to assist me along with my recovery. slow to grow bear the best fruit.

– Anonymous Testimonial

Addiction robs people of their ability to make sound judgments. Those who are struggling are no longer powerless after they embrace treatment; with the right assistance, they may transition to a new life.

All About The Program

As a starting point, the Program demonstrates the relationship between brain science, psychology, and addiction recovery., and what the church has thought for centuries about sexuality. Throughout the rehabilitation process, the program uses cognitive behavioral therapy to re-wire the brain and help overcome addiction.

Each member is assigned a personal coach whose assistance, along with the daily modules and the ongoing tracking calendar, make up all the ingredients for a successful recovery program.